Saturday, August 16, 2008

My first visit to Scorgies

In the early 80's I was attending RIT and DJ'ing at WITR. I was at a particularly fun party in the late Fall of 1983 (I think) when some people decided to go to Scorgies. We were all poor at the time and decided to save money on drinks by passing a bottle around before going. The bottle was apple schnapps. The bottle was empty before we left and I have a vivid memory of descending the Scorgies stairs to see Our Daughter's Wedding starting their set. By this time I was hammered and amazed to see the lead singer wearing 21 different belts. As ODW played, I got drunker and drunker as the schnapps kicked in. I was enthralled to finally graduate to the smokey downtown music scene and took in the big hair and black leather so fashionable at the time. Despite the severe after affects from the cheap liquor my first Scorgies visit made a lasting impression and I went back for many more shows until the sad morphing into Yuck Yucks.

- Andrew

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Stan The Man said...

Were you at WITR during the Idols buildup? When WITR boosted their "effective radiated power" that was essentially the beginning of the end of WRUR's primacy in the underground market. The ascendancy of WBER pretty much finished the job WITR started in the early eighties.